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Design Hotel Eilandje: check in for an investment without risk.
Buy your room now with a view to 25 years of fixed rental income, regardless of occupancy rate.

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    Instant fixed rental income

    Benefit from a guaranteed, indexed rental income before the end of the year. And this for a minimum of 25 years, with no management or maintenance obligations or worries.

    Top location near the Eilandje

    The hotel is situated at a stone’s throw from the Eilandje in Antwerp, a hotspot that draws more domestic and foreign tourists with every passing year.

    Experienced operator

    Design Hotel Eilandje is managed by the successful Prizeotel chain, a member of the Radisson Hotel Group: a publicly traded concern with hotel chains across the globe.


    By Prizeotel, member of the Radisson Hotel Group

    Publicly traded and budget-friendly hotel chain, a popular favourite among tourists and professionals.
    Currently in the delivery phase!

    Why invest in hotel rooms?

    Investing in the hotel industry offers several benefits: a relatively modest investment generates substantial rental returns. All rental, maintenance and management costs are at the operator’s expense. Hotel investments are also interesting from a tax point of view: there’s no property tax and you get a full VAT rebate.

    Full owner at a top location in Antwerp

    Design Hotel Eilandje does not use the principle of emphyteusis. A purchase in Design Hotel Eilandje is 100% yours. You acquire both the room as well as your corresponding share of the land in full ownership. The potential of a top location like the Eilandje is huge: the number of residential tourists had risen by 32.4% in ten years’ time and the port city is home to 18,000 international companies.

    Minimal costs, no property tax

    Design Hotel Eilandje is completely rented out to the operator (Prizeotel) via a so-called double net lease. In double net commercial leases the tenant/operator is responsible for paying both property taxes and insurance premiums on the property. This means you are exempt from the annual property tax. Moreover, the lion’s share of the maintenance costs are also at the expense of the hotel manager.

    Tax benefits

    Both private and business investors in the hotel sector benefit from a number of substantial tax advantages. For instance, the VAT on the purchase can be recovered in its entirety. You are only taxed on the indexed cadastral income and your rental income is tax-free.

    Guaranteed rental income for 25 years

    An investment in Design Hotel Eilandje yields a fixed rental income. Inflation-proof, because it is indexed on an annual basis. The operator pays you a fixed amount every quarter, regardless of the occupancy rate of the room. A unique and risk-free investment opportunity. And this for a minimum of 25 years.

    Interior by an award-winning designer

    The trademark of the Prizeotel chain is the special interior that attracts design enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. The in-house designer is Karim Rashid, who is widely regarded as one of the biggest talents of his generation. To date his oeuvre has won over 200 awards, including the prestigious ‘American Prize for Design’ in 2020.

    Investing in Design Hotel Eilandje: all the benefits in a row

    • Top tourist location with a great deal of growth potential
    • Average return of 4.7 percent
    • Purchase in full ownership, tax refund on purchase
    • 25 years of guaranteed and indexed rental income
    • No rental or management concerns
    • Award-winning design by Karim Rashid

    The investment of the future:
    25 years of guaranteed income.

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      Welcome to our covid-19 proof offices. With masks, handles and a circulation plan, we are ready to receive you completely safely.

      By clicking ‘send’ you accept the conditions of our privacy policy.