This Privacy Policy document contains information on how we collect, record and use certain types of information.

Privacy & Cookie Policy

Last modified on 3-5-2018

  1. General

This is the Privacy and Cookie Policy of the websites of Triple Living NV and its affiliated companies.

Triple Living, a public limited company under Belgian law, having its registered office in Michel De Braeystraat 55, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium, registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number BE 0829.278.932 is responsible for the processing of your personal data on the website

As a Belgian company, Triple Living NV complies with the Belgian ‘Act of 8 December 1992 on the Protection of Privacy in relation to the processing of personal data’, as amended by the ‘Act of 11 December 1998’, as well as the ‘Electronic Communications Act of 13 June 2005’, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 27 April 2016 and other applicable laws and regulations.

Your privacy is very important to us. We aim to be transparent about which of your personal data we collect, the reason we collect them and for which purposes we use them.

  1. Personal data that are collected

2.1. The data you share with us

We collect, process and retain all information you enter on our websites or supply in whatever manner.

On the contact page or in the fly-in form we collect your name and place of residence, email address, telephone number and your question.

2.2. Data that are collected automatically

Whenever you visit our website or receive our newsletter, we collect information using cookies. Please refer to article 8 for more details on Cookies.

2.3. The personal data shared by our commercial partners

In some cases we receive certain personal data from our commercial partners. Our commercial partners guarantee us that the personal data in question were acquired in a legitimate manner and that they are entitled to share them with us.

  1. Purposes of the processing

3.1. General purposes

  • To comply with your requests and to keep you informed

We process your personal data e.g. when you submit your data on the website or via email to request that you be kept informed of our activities, projects, offers, events, actions, etc. By sharing your personal data on our website or via email you agree to receive publicity and/or newsletters regarding our projects.

As the case may be, these data are processed on the basis of your unambiguous consent, on the basis of the execution of an agreement in which you are a party, or on the basis of your request to take the necessary steps to conclude an agreement.

  • To answer your questions and exchange information

If you ask us questions by telephone or email your personal data will be processed in order to answer your question.

For this purpose we may process such data as your name, your company name, your position, email address, telephone number, your correspondence with Triple Living NV and all other personal data you submit and that may be relevant in answering your question.

As the case may be, these data are processed based on your request to take the necessary steps to conclude an agreement, on the basis of the execution of an agreement in which you are a party or on the basis of the legitimate interest of Triple Living NV to inform you of its activities.

  • For the technical and functional management of our website

We process personal data for the technical and functional management of our website, to personalise the website and to guarantee its user-friendliness.

For this purpose we may process such data as your IP address, the pages you visit, the browser you use, the websites you visited earlier, geographical data such as your location, your language of preference and the duration of your visit. We do this e.g. by using cookies.

These data are processed on the basis of Triple Living NV’s legitimate interest in the improvement of its websites and their protection against cyber attacks, etc.

After anonymising the data we can also establish statistics or carry out surveys with regard to the number of visits to the various parts of the website.

  1. Processing method

Triple Living processes your data in an appropriate manner and implements suitable security measures to prevent unauthorised access to, publication, modification or destruction of the data without consent.

The data are processed using computers and/or IT tools, whereby organisational procedures and methods of operation are used that dovetail with the indicated purposes. In addition to Triple Living the data can in some cases also be accessed by other companies linked to Triple Living and certain individuals tasked with their processing (management, sales, marketing, legal, system management), or by external parties appointed by Triple Living.

  1. Retention period

We will retain your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected or if this is required for contractual reasons or in order to comply with applicable legislation. You can at all times request the suspension of data processing or the deletion of the data in accordance with the stipulations of article 5.

  1. Exercising your rights

Once you have submitted your personal data, regardless of whether this was done actively or automatically, you are entitled to:

Submit a request to access and/or rectify the personal data we have on you.

Submit a request to erase or restrict the processing of your personal data. Erasure or restriction is not possible if this is necessary for the fulfilment of a contractual obligation in which you are a party or for the implementation of measures that precede the conclusion of that agreement and that were taken on your request.

Object to processing for direct marketing purposes. Objecting is not possible if this is necessary for the fulfilment of a contractual obligation in which you are a party or for the implementation of measures that precede the conclusion of that agreement and that were taken on your request.

Submit a request for the transfer of personal data (this means you are requesting the transfer of your personal data to a third party in a machine-readable standard format).

Lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (the Belgian Privacy Commission).

You can always contact us in order to exercise your rights. You can do this via email to or send a dated and signed letter to our head office in Michel De Braeystraat 55, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. Be sure to add a copy of your identity card.

  1. Security and confidentiality

We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data as well as their security and confidentiality. We implement technical and organisational measures to ensure that our processing method meets the demands of the relevant national and European legislation and we guarantee the protection of your rights.

Under no circumstances can Triple Living NV be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from erroneous or unauthorised use of the personal data by a third party.

Triple Living NV undertakes to remind you that the website may contain links, hyperlinks or references to other websites that are not under the control of Triple Living NV and to which this Privacy & Cookie Policy does not apply. These sites are not administered by Triple Living NV. Triple Living NV is neither responsible for the contents of websites that are referred to, nor for the offers, products or services mentioned on those websites. Consequently, Triple Living NV advises you to carefully read the privacy rules for every site you visit because they can differ from the Privacy & Cookie Policy.

  1. Cookies

8.1. Information about our use of cookies

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your user preferences from those of other users of our website. This helps us to create a better user experience when you visit our website and enables us to optimise the site.

However, cookies and similar technologies do not permit the systematic collection of data that could identify any user of our website. They only help us improve the functioning of our website, understand the interests of our users and measure the efficiency of the website content.

Due to recent statutory changes all websites aimed at certain regions of the European Union must obtain your consent for the use and storage of cookies and similar technologies on your computers or mobile devices. This Cookie Policy gives you transparent and exhaustive information on the cookies we use and their purpose. Please read our Privacy & Cookie Policy to take cognisance of the privacy rules that apply to the website. For further information on this Cookie Policy you can contact us at

8.2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data or text files that we store in your browser or on the hard disk of your computer. This way we can remember your preferences when you visit our website.

Unless you have configured your browser settings to refuse cookies our system will place cookies as soon as you visit our website.

8.3. Types of cookies

Cookies can be categorised according to their origin, function and lifespan.

First-party cookies are cookies set by a website being visited by the user (e.g. cookies set by

Third-party cookies are cookies placed by a different domain name than that of the site being visited by the user. If a user visits a website and a third party places a cookie via that website then this is a third-party cookie (e.g. cookies set by Google, Twitter and Facebook).

Functional cookies are cookies that ensure that the website functions properly (e.g. cookies for login or registration, language preferences, shopping baskets, etc.). Functional cookies are obviously first-party cookies.

Non-functional cookies are cookies that can be set for statistical, social, targeting and commercial purposes. They have nothing to do with the purely technical support of the website. Cookies used for statistical purposes make it possible to determine which pages of the site you visit, where your computer is located, etc. Cookies with social purposes enable the user to directly share the contents of the visited website with others on social media. Cookies for targeting purposes make it possible to establish a profile based on your browsing behaviour so the displayed advertisements are geared to your interests. Cookies for commercial purposes keep track of how many and which advertisements are shown to a particular user. Non-functional cookies can be first-party or third-party cookies.

Permanent cookies These cookies remain stored on the user’s device for the duration determined by the cookie. They are activated every time the browser visits the website that set this cookie (e.g. cookies placed by social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.). Most non-functional cookies are permanent cookies.

Session cookies These cookies make it possible to facilitate the actions of a user and link them to each other in the course of a browser session. A browser session starts when a user opens the browser screen and ends when the user closes the browser screen. Session cookies are placed on a temporary basis. All session cookies are removed as soon as you close the browser. Most functional cookies are session cookies.

8.4. Your consent

Use of this website implies acceptance of the use of cookies. These cookies must be accepted to make optimum use of this website. You can do this via your browser settings. Cookies are blocked by activating the browser setting that allows the refusal of the placement of cookies. However, adjusting your browser settings to block these cookies may block access to (parts of) our website. Read this Cookie Policy attentively for more details. To revoke your permission you must remove the cookies by adjusting your browser settings.

8.5. Adjusting your browser settings

We would like to point out that web browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings can generally be found under the ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ menu of your browser. The following links can be useful to gain a better understanding of these settings. If not then consult the ‘Help’ feature of your web browser for more details.

8.6. More information about cookies

Information about cookies More useful information about cookies is available here:

Internet Advertising Bureau The trade association of digital marketers has compiled a guide on online behavioural advertising and online privacy. Consult the guide here:

8.7. What cookies does use?  

Personal data Purpose Cookie Retention period
FUNCTIONAL Cookie set by the cookie consent plugin to record that you accept the fact that the site uses cookies. CatAccCookies 30 dagen
NON-FUNCTIONAL Session cookie set by Facebook used for website performance reasons. sf_pixel_ratio 1 sessie
FUNCTIONAL Session cookie set by Facebook used for website performance reasons. spb_image_resizer_pixel_ratio 1 sessie
NON-FUNCTIONAL Cookie set by Facebook that tracks your Facebook user ID when you are logged in. c_user 90 dagen
NON-FUNCTIONAL Cookie set by Facebook that tracks statistical behaviour about your browser. datr 2 jaar
FUNCTIONAL Session cookie set by Facebook used for website performance reasons. m_pixel_ratio 1 session
FUNCTIONAL To be able as a user to like, share and connect with the Triple Living social media page. presence 1 sessie
FUNCTIONAL Identifies browser for login authentication purposes sb 2 jaren
FUNCTIONAL To be able as a user to like, share and connect with social media
 cookie zorgt voor het gebruik en toelaten van Google Maps NID 6 maanden
FUNCTIONAL WordPress plaatst deze cookie als je naar de login pagina navigeert. Deze cookie kijkt na of je browser cookies toelaat of niet. wordpress_test_cookie 1 sessie

For cookies set by third parties (a.o. Google Analytics) please refer to the relevant declarations of these parties on their respective websites. Note: in no way do we influence either the content of these declarations or the content of the cookies of these third parties.

  1. Applicable law and competent courts

This Privacy & Cookie Policy is managed, interpreted and implemented in accordance with Belgian law, which exclusively applies to any dispute that may arise. The courts of Antwerp are exclusively competent for any dispute that might arise from the interpretation or implementation of this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

  1. Acceptance

This privacy policy can be updated from time to time. All updates and modifications immediately come into force following notification, which can be given in any manner, including but not limited to the posting of a new version of the present privacy policy or any other kind of notification on the website. We recommend that you read this privacy policy on a regular basis to stay abreast of any changes that may have an impact on you personally. Your continued use of the website means you agree to be bound by this Privacy & Cookie Policy and give Triple Living NV permission to collect and process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy & Cookie Policy.